Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pearl Jam at Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ - 6/1/06

My second Pearl Jam concert of the year was a great one. It's the last concert I'll go to for a while. The last few months, I got to see U2 at MSG in November, then Pearl Jam at Irving Plaza in May.

Overall, I've been to 8 Pearl Jam concerts now. In 1998 in Boston at Great Woods, then 2000 for 2 shows at Jones Beach, 2003 at Nassau Coliseum and 2 shows at MSG, Irving Plaza and now the Meadowlands.

We had fan club tickets for this one. Section 110, almost directly off stage right.

It was a very solid show, although there were a few odd miscues. The sound on vocals and Stone Gossard's guitar went out in the middle of the song "Alone" causing the band to pause, the stagehands to come out, and then the band resumed. Eddie Vedder jumped in the air at the end of "Alive" and landed funny, falling to the ground. He limped off stage and returned for a second encore with a bit of a limp. Eddie mixed up the words to "Once" as well.

I think we could see Susan Sarandon off on stage left with her son. Eddie looked over there a few times. It's possible that the Olsens were there too.

It was a great show. Surprisingly they had laser lights for the first song, "Severed Hand." I think that was the most lighting effects I've ever seen at a Pearl Jam show. They played 7 songs off the new album, 5 songs off Ten (their first album) and 5 off Vs (their second). The set was 30 songs in all, about 2 hrs & 15 mins.

The concert was well received in the press, with positive reviews from the Post, Newsday and a Jersey paper I don't recognize.

A funny thing at the concert - Eddie Vedder mentions the "last time the band was here" they got booed playing the song Bushleaguer. Not quite - they got booed at Nassau Collesium (I was there) in April, 2003. Apparently the band was flustered by this and cut their set short (see 4/30/03 concert here).

Back on 7/9/03 at MSG, Eddie Vedder read a bunch of signs in the crowd, including one that read, "Play Leash, you pussies!" (Leash is a rarely performed song). Eddie said at the time, "There's fuckin' children here, you know? You fuckin' cocksucker motherfuckin' asshole prick!"

This time, he mentioned that sign and said, "You know, I think it shows we're a resiliant type of band. You boo us, call us pussies and yet we still come back every fuckin' time." They then played Leash!! Pretty awesome. At the end of the song, Eddie said, "Pussies no more!"

What a great way to play to the crowd.

A great show all around. I wish I could have gone again on 6/3.

You can get download this concert (and previous PJ concerts) for $9.99. I just downloaded my copy and it sounds pretty good, although there were a few drum solos where the mix is a little heavy on the guitars, making it hard to hear the drums.

Severed Hand, Corduroy, World Wide Suicide, Do The Evolution, Marker In The Sand, Given To Fly, Dissident, Even Flow, Army Reserve, Immortality, Green Disease, Not For You/(Modern Girl), Alone, Jeremy, Why Go, Life Wasted, Rearviewmirror
Encore 1: Wasted Reprise, Man Of The Hour, Come Back, Footsteps, Once, Alive
Encore 2: Last Exit, Comatose, Leatherman, Glorified G, Leash, Baba O'Riley, Indifference

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