Saturday, December 02, 2006


I recently got to spend some time in Cooperstown, which is best known for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. If you live in the northeast, it's worth taking a trip as it's only about 3-4 hours from NYC or Boston. Here's some photos of the trip. The town seems to be dependent on tourists, with the peak of the season being in the summer. Since I was there in November, it was a lot quieter.

The best way to sum up "downtown" Cooperstown is that people describe things in relation to the one traffic light.

This is a view of the back of the Hall of Fame. It's kind of hard to see but there are statues of a guy pitching to a catcher, and also through those glass windows are all the famous plaques.

Some turkeys at the Fly Creek Cider Mill, just outside of town. The cider mill is more of just a store, but for a quarter you can hand feed these turkeys and they'll eat right out of your hands.

The town is pretty nice, most people could spend a weekend getaway there and enjoy it. It's much quieter than the City and is a small town that is surrounded by other small towns and farms.

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