Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not to be a pessimistic Jets fan but...

I am still a Jets fan, so I have to be entitled to a little worrying.

I'm worried about the offensive line and how they traded LG Pete Kendall with no other options. This seems like a bad move. Chad Pennington has less protection and there's no stand-out player to take Kendall's place.

Things are made worse with the injury to Thomas Jones. Nobody knows how long he'll be out and he was their major acquisition in the off season.

Finally the secondary, which was supposed to be better with Darelle Revis is still weak due to injuries to Andre Dyson and Justin Miller.

The expectations are high for this team this season. Before training camp started, I was pretty optimistic, but these early bumps in the road have me very worried, especially with the first game of the year coming against the Patriots.

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Wacky Chinaman said...

Why worry? You guys have "Mangenius" running things!