Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week in Sports

Quite a week in sports. Here's a few things I've been thinking about:

1. LeBron - enough has been written on the subject, so I'm not sure what else I can add. Bill Simmons on ESPN had some nice summaries, as did the NY Times. What is most impressive to me is how a athlete / celebrity can go so quickly from being loved to being reviled without having done anything illegal. I'm with the group of people that thing LeBron is a lot less likable than he was before. One would think that a player of LeBron's status could recruit other players to play with him instead of the other way around. Surprisingly some of the other ESPN columnists have been somewhat supportive of James. Sure, it was within his rights to leave Cleveland but the way he did it was pretty tough. The media, fans, and public have to be a little responsible as well for building up egos to this size.

By the way, absolute must watch TV will be the first game of the Heat back in Cleveland.

2. Bob Sheppard - RIP. Amazing that a PA announcer is so linked with a team. Can you even name another PA announcer? Great move by Derek Jeter a few years ago to record Sheppard's voice so that he could announce him forever.

3. Spain wins World Cup - I was hoping for Netherlands but frankly, I don't really watch soccer. Here in Miami a ton of people reacted in the streets for the Spain win. I didn't know there were so many Spaniards here, or that all the Latinos felt such a connection to Spain.

4. The MLB All-Star game is this weekend. There are 83 named all-stars!

5. The Knicks - The team comes out of the off season in a bit of shambles. Amare Stoudamire is being very overpaid and a huge risk for the team, in my opinion. They didn't get LeBron and signed Stoudamire as a reactionary signing so that they had a marquee attraction. David Lee, a fan favorite, is now gone, and they have two new free agents that are in the mid-level range. Now, there's rumors Isiah Thomas is still linked with the team. That would be as if Barack Obama brought in George W Bush to be a part of his administration.

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