Monday, September 06, 2010

Revis, Richardson - The Jets

This week's episode of "Hard Knocks" should be pretty interesting since Darrelle Revis has finally ended his holdout. Interestingly, he only gets $11 million more in guarantees, and 1 more year than he would have had if he had played out his original contract based on what is reported. Thankfully Revis will be back - with Calvin Pace out for a few weeks and a thin backup corps, the team's defense was looking vulnerable. Also, in the first three games the Jets are set to face Anquan Boldin, Randy Moss and Brandon Marshall. They needed Revis to be playing.

The other news of the weekend is how the Jets released, then re-signed fullback Tony Richardson. This too will make good "Hard Knocks." During his release will they then tell him that they'll re-sign him the next day? This is why football is so strange in general - you can release a player, then re-sign him the next day for the roster cuts with no penalty. The business aspect is so strange. The NFL still doesn't have a collective bargaining agreement yet either, which could lead to some business drama in the coming year.

By the way, "Hard Knocks" is pretty good tv. Why doesn't MLB get their act together and do a similar show? In fact it should be even better watching young players try to make the cut during spring training because there are so many more players in baseball invited to the camps.

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