Sunday, February 05, 2006

Knicks Acquire Jalen Rose

The KFB Sports corner continues...

The Knicks acquired Jalen Rose and a first round draft pick from Toronto (Denver's pick) for Antonio Davis.

I understand the general philosophy of this trade - get rid of a player who isn't going to make an impact on the team in general because he's older and has an expiring contract (Davis), acquire a first round draft pick (because they gave away theirs - see Eddy Curry trade), and get a player with a high, but expiring contract next year (Rose). But at the same time, this strategy hasn't been working!

Let's say the Knicks never made the Curry trade. They would have had at least the fourth pick in the draft, would have had Tim Thomas's expiring contract to trade away and not have to take on Jalen Rose's max contract. They'd also still be bad.

This sort of trade is what has gotten the Knicks into their current hole. I was trying to do some calculations with the help of HoopsHype. If they hadn't made the Curry trade, Kurt Thomas trade or Jerome James signing, I think they would have been under or close to under the cap next year. Isiah's got to have a little patience instead of just prolonging this wait to get under the cap. No single player, short of LeBron James, could make this team instantly better.

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