Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stomp You Out

I'm no Giants fan, but I'm really glad they won last Sunday. However, Michael Strahan's "stomp you out" speech was not only difficult to understand, it was pretty ridiculous. It made me sick of Michael Strahan again.

Not to take anything away from the Giants, but if you think about it, they had a ton of breaks before the Super Bowl, not to mention during it. Think about how they nearly lost in Dallas, the fumble recoveries in Green Bay and the fortunate plays in the Super Bowl... I guess when things are going your way, even the lucky stuff breaks that way too.

After Justin Tuck's great Super Bowl, I would have thought I'd see more "Tuck Rules" T-shirts. Then again, since the tuck rule game was eight years ago, it's basically forgotten.

Tiki Barber kept yapping away before the Super Bowl saying things like, "With every heroic story there has to be a foil, and I'm convenient for that. I am the (expletive) foil in a Shakespearean play."

"Love me or hate me or be indifferent about me, that doesn't bother me," Barber said. "But when you don't respect who I was as a player, that hurts ... For people to discredit what I was as a player is disingenuous at best and malicious at worst."

"I tell you the truth, even if you don't want to hear it," Barber said. "If you want to vilify me for being honest, you have to hate me then."

He also took credit for saving Tom Coughlin's job.

Tiki Barber needs to realize that his obsession with the spotlight is what has caused the Giants fans to hate him. Had he not announced his retirement mid-season last year, or written a book and criticized the current coach and QB, nobody would care. Fans would have appreciated Tiki's performance, but there was something about his comments that was more like he was betraying his former teammates. He would not have been this "foil" had he not offered up his opinions unsolicited (and in a book, no less). He must also have been (aside from his brother, Ronde) one of the only players to have had active media involvement while he was still a player (he was a local sports anchor and on WFAN). Nobody wants to see a player already working on the next career.

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