Thursday, April 22, 2010


Inglourious Basterds - A pretty good Tarantino film without being too complicated or mysterious but still with his style of dark humor. I don't know why it took Netflix 4 months to get it to me, but it was great.

24 - Considering how hard it is to fire someone from the government, people get fired from CTU a lot!

Hubble 3D - Where is this movie playing??

The Jets - shopping Alan Faneca now? Mike Tannenbaum is the type of GM who gets a lot done but this seems ridiculous. We're trying to win next year, right?


Wacky Chinaman said...

Basterds - a little different than what I expected, but in a good way. I thought Christof Waltz (sp?) was great.

24 - can't bring myself to watch it.

Jets - My general observation is that everyone focuses on the new moves they have made, and then makes the mistake that the other parts of the team won't decline from last year. O-line is a likely to see some dropoff in performance. Defense is hard to predict year to year; 2008-2009 Steelers defense is a good example. Few teams ever just pick up where they left off the year before.

Blogman said...

Basterds - Waltz was great. I agree, not what I had expected overall from the film but definitely entertaining.

The Jets - While I agree that you can't take things for granted from one year to the next, the offensive line is one area where I think chemistry is the most important, as is continuity. The line is good, it might not be as good next year but if there is any change, it's even more unpredictable. I think it might be better to be slightly predictably worse than completely unpredictable.