Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bad Idea #3,294,027

Here's a bad idea courtesy of today's NY Daily News.

Oddly enough the headline is paired with this article, which has nothing to do with the Jets.

Gary Myers of the News should have his head checked. This would not be the first time the Jets were involved in a bad idea, a recent example is #3,292,073 - trade a first round draft pick for TE Doug Jolley.


Anonymous said...

you shouldn't make judgements about people when you don't really know what happened behind closed doors. most nfl players who've been asked if they would like TO on their team have said yes.

Blogman said...

It's still a bad idea for the Jets to pursue TO considering that they have many other needs to tend to (like Chad Pennington playing an entire season).

Anonymous said...

what does pennington's injury have to do with TO? They are not mutually exclusive unless TO needs rehab/trainer. With the Chrebet situation, the Jets need help and without a passing game, the Jets don't have a running game either.

Blogman said...

In case you missed it, football has a salary cap, so the Jets need to decide where to dedicate their resources.

John Abraham has a contract up, and Pennington is due a lot in bonuses. Like you said, the Jets also need help in the running game. They have to decide whether a big-time WR who wants to win now is worth the investment. I say no, they aren't in a "win now" mode for next year, and WR isn't their priority. TO wouldn't want to come to this 2-8 team and he's not the piece that would improve them heading down the line.