Thursday, December 29, 2005

12/26/05 - New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

Ah, from one last place team on Friday, to another on Monday.

There were a few exciting moments for us Jets fans on Monday night. Ty Law brought back an interception to make the game 7-7, and when the Jets drove in the 3rd quarter to bring it a little closer (28-14) it was a nice drive. But the rest of the game was indicative of how bad the Jets have become. There was 4:14 left in the 3rd quarter when they got their first offensive third down. The Patriots drove for what seemed like forever to close out the 2nd and start the 3rd quarters. I believe the Patriots converted 3-4 fourth downs. They scored their first two touchdowns on the exact same goal line play. It was ugly. But we had great seats - check out the photos.

Compare the following two photos - the first taken on my cell phone (LG VX9800) and the second on my digital camera (Sony Cybershot DSC-P1). I think my camera settings must be messed up since the cell phone photos seem better!

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SoxDoc said...

go pats!!!

you gonna miss edwards?

Blogman said...

Herm Edwards was a good coach but it's about time for him to have left. I think that his weaknesses of game management and game planning have been exposed, while his strengths of team motivation are apparent. He's one of the better coaches, loyal to his players and good with the media, but he may end up as one of those coaches who is always close but never big. Of course, he inherits a pretty darn good KC team so he ought to have success. Also the Jets are now left with a lot of instability, especially as Donnie Henderson, the DC, is a popular choice for other jobs as well.