Sunday, May 28, 2006

Baseball Notes

I haven't been paying attention to enough baseball lately.

Can you believe Barry Bonds still hasn't passed Babe Ruth? He's really breaking down, huh?

Scott Proctor just entered the game for the Yankees. I think he's a pretty good pitcher, but the Yankees are just TRYING to wear him out. He has thrown the most pitches this season of any reliever. He's going to get Tom Gordon Syndrome, or at least a Tanyon Sturtze Irritation.

While on MLB's main page, I just found out that Jason Bay has 10 HR in his last 10 games (pretty cool), the Pirates played an 18 inning game last night.

Here's my last oddity that I wasn't aware of. The Twins turned a triple play, two weeks after being caught in one! Both are worth watching on MLB's site.

Oh, and the Tigers and White Sox look like pretty good clubs. Toronto's record is almost as good as the Yankees'. How about those Mets?

Looks like it'll be an exciting year for baseball. Is this a return to competitive balance? Can we attribute this to revenue sharing?

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Anonymous said...

Of course the White Sox would do well. They're the defending champs, right?

Blogman said...

White Sox - This is true, my surprise was more with the fact that at the time these two teams had the best records in the AL.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but the White Sox at this point in the season had a similar record to last year (+/- few games) before having a good end of the season run. So you shouldn't be surprised they are playing "well." They're playing as well as last year. It's just that the other teams are playing worse.

Blogman said...

*sigh* Whatever. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by the White Sox. I was more surprised that the Tigers were presenting a challenge for the Central and the Wild Card.