Friday, May 12, 2006

Two Yankee Games: 4/13/06 and 5/11/06

I forgot to post some photos from my $5 Yankee experience on 4/13/06 versus the KC Royals. We saw the Yankees beat the Royals, and the Big Unit was on the hill. That's back when he was pitching well (week 2 of the season). He pitched great, and I was hoping to see Rivera pitch, but then the Yanks exploded for a bunch of runs in the 8th, making the game a blowout.

Then last night, I went to the Red Sox vs Yankees game. The story of this ticket is that I didn't look at the quantity of tickets when I bid for them on eBay and ended up buying one ticket, not two. Fortunately, it only cost $20 for a face value $45 ticket, so it wasn't too bad.

I missed Matsui breaking his wrist in the first inning. Here are some other notes and observations from the game:

The game was really slow. Shawn Chacon could only last 4+ innings, and was battling throughout. I thought the Yankees were pretty lucky to be leading late in the game since they had Bubba Crosby steal a HR from Mike Lowell in the top of the 3rd inning, and Johnny Damon take away a big double from Doug Mirabelli (which I heard John Sterling erroneously describe as a possible HR.

In the top of the sixth, the Yankees used four pitchers. Tough to watch and very slow. If Proctor had gotten it done sooner, Ortiz would have come up in the next inning, which would have slowed things down a little bit. Whenever Scott Proctor enters a game, I wish they would play a sound clip from Police Academy of Capt Harris calling for Lt Proctor (Proctor? Where is Proctor?)

There didn't seem to be a lot of BoSox fans at the game from my vantage point in Loge section (under the covering, and avoiding the rain). Usually there's a pretty vocal contingent.

They show a blooper reel all the time at Yankee games and they continue to show this clip of Tommy Lasorda getting knocked over by a bat at the All-Star Game about 5 years ago. It was funny then, but actually sort of frightening, and not really that funny any more. Can they update the blooper reel?

In the top of the 7th, A-Rod struck out with a chance to tie the game. Poor A-Rod. Everyone wants him to do well, but when he struck out, the groans were really loud. It was clear that the crowd was thinking about what the papers say about A-Rod "not doing it in a big spot."

Not Miguel Cairo's finest hour. He had 4 K's, looked foolish against Tim Wakefield's knuckleball and lost the ball tagging a runner at 1B, allowing Boston's go ahead run to score.

I was noticing that Boston has a lot of former NL players, and also former NL players on teams that beat the Yankees in the past. These include Beckett, Schilling, Lowell, A Gonzalez and Loretta. Considering that a lot of people think the AL is tougher than the NL, I'm a little surprised by these imports. I guess there's something to be said for not being intimidated by a rival?

Matsui's injury sounds pretty serious. Bubba Crosby played great. I wonder if he just played himself to a trade to another team. I hope not. I like rooting for guys named "Bubba."

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