Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Are the Jets out of it at 1-3?

Watching the Jets last Sunday, I had the feeling that they were out of it if they lost to the Bills. Forgetting how poorly the team has looked in general, since they've lost to three conference opponents, it makes the playoffs even less likely in their case.

While this is a particularly pessimistic view of the rest of the season for the Jets, I was looking at the standings, and noticed a few other teams with very high expectations who are at 1-3. Do any of them have a chance? I'm not so sure.

San Diego

New Orleans is 0-3, and they had high hopes. Minnesota, Buffalo and Atlanta are 1-3, but I don't think their expectations were as high entering the season.

The players keep saying it's a long season, but I don't think it will make a difference. All of these 1-3 teams have pretty significant weaknesses; barring injuries to the teams above them, I think the season might be over for them.


Wacky Chinaman said...

I think you're jumping the gun here. 1-3 isn't good, but it's hardly over.

Assuming NE, Indy, and Pitt all win their division, none of the AFC wild card contenders even have 3 wins yet. So the playing field is pretty level. Jets are no less than 1.5 games behind any other AFC team for the wild card spot, and there are 12 games left.

Only the Titans look like serious wild card contenders. From the rest of the field, I'd have a hard time saying that the Jets couldn't overtake Baltimore, Denver, or Jacksonville.

That said, the Jets schedule is tougher than most, and they face an uphill battle for the playoffs.

Wacky Chinaman said...

Yeah, OK, maybe they're out of it now.

Let the Kellen Clemons era begin!

Blogman said...

Thanks for the sarcasm. From what I can tell, there's not much clamoring for Clemens only because there are other aspects of the team that are in bad shape such as the defense and running game.

Wacky Chinaman said...

Well, once the Jets are out of it, they should probably switch to Clemens and see what they have. They did spend a high draft pick on him.

I think Pennington deserves to be the QB, and the Jets problems are not due to him, but his days have been numbered ever since they drafted Clemens. And who knows? Maybe he turns the Jets around a la Pennington in 2002.

Blogman said...

Not sure about whether or not they should switch to Clemens if they are out of it. If a switch is to be made, I suspect it would come after the bye week (about 3 weeks from now). That would seem to be a natural changeover point.