Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Or is it Obamania?

Whichever it is, I got my Inauguration ticket today. I'm pretty excited to be there but I'm in "Silver Area" which looks REALLY far away from the ceremony. Maybe it's closer than it seems. (It is not for sale)

Today at the comic store there was a mob because the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man featured a brief story with Barack Obama. Now, this is the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man I've purchased since the "One More Day" disaster and I'm a bit ashamed I did. I only bought it out of pure speculation. But I never thought this kind of appearance would generate such excitement. It was pretty surprising how many people wanted this issue. I don't think the same thing would have happened had George W Bush appeared in a comic. I guess this just goes to show how excited folks are for Obama. Strangely enough, Barack Obama has already appeared in Savage Dragon, and also his own comic book, but neither one generated the same excitement as Spider-Man has.

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