Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Vinny's Back

Vinny Testaverde is back with the Jets. Brooks Bollinger is going to start, but does anyone expect him to play well versus the Ravens?

Let's face it, the Jets season is pretty much lost. It will take time for Pennington to recover from the shoulder injury (the only other active QB I can recall who's had major shoulder problems is Brian Griese) and while Vinny's a fan favorite, he's not getting any younger.

It was sort of funny to hear that Fiedler and Pennington traveled together to visit guru Dr. James Andrews.

By the way, the over / under for Sunday's Jets / Ravens game is 32 points. Can Anthony Wright and Brooks Bollinger put up those points? Has there ever been a game where the special teams and defenses might put up more of the points for both teams?

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