Friday, January 13, 2006

Spider-Man's New Duds

has just announced that will be getting a new costume, and just released this image of it.

This sort of reminds me of the " Blue" costume (below). When Superman donned these silly duds (along with gaining electrical powers) we all knew he would switch back. Now it looks like Spidey's getting the same revamp.

Of course this isn't the first time that Spider-Man has changed costumes, and the responses have been mixed in general. Perhaps one of the more popular costumes was a black, living costume that he received during the Secret Wars series. After Spider-Man realizes the costume is alive and tries to get rid of it, the costume finds another suitor, Eddie Brock, a Daily Planet reporter. This combination becomes Spider-Man's popular enemy, Venom.

More recently, Spider-Man underwent a pair of unpopular costume changes. The first, pictured was the Scarlet Spider costume, and the second was a modification of the classic red and blue. I'm not sure why the red and blue modification was so unpopular but the hoodie of Scarlet Spider just looks a bit silly. Fan dislike for these costumes is probably related to the fact that they were the result of the awful clone saga crossover that featured other events that were eventually reversed, such as Aunt May's death.

(Comic covers from - the grand comic book database)

It seems safe to say that even though I don't really like the new yellow and red Spider-Man costume, it doesn't matter what I think since it probably won't last and is only a temporary change.

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